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Mattel is one of the world’s greatest brands in the toys industry. Its most popular products are Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, Uno and many others.


6 brands, 11 countries:
Social media management.
Influencer marketing.
Defining strategies for the launch of new products, boosting awareness and increasing the performance of ads campaigns.


In order to let UNO become the focus product of 2019, we set up the first actual national tournament in Italy.
In a warm-up phase developed through IG lives of 10 selected influencers, fans and followers had the chance to actively interact in every match, suggesting cards to play.
Then, the tournament took place in person during 3 days in Milan’s Game Week, bringing together over 280 UNO fans from all over Italy in a proper National Cup.

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EARLY MORNING Srl soggetta a direzione e coordinamento da parte di Shibumi SpA
P.IVA 07250610966 | REA: MI-1947009 | Capitale sociale 10.000 euro i.v.
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