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Early Morning is a brand consulting and communication agency which combines technology, media and creativity. Our pioneering view led us to launch the Early Morning project while the world was beginning to shout “digital first”, and now that the world is finally turning digital, we fit in more than we have ever done.

Today communication still stands in between old media and new channels, and this is what makes it very challenging when it needs to be done on a professional level. The only answer to this still hybrid world, in order to communicate each brand flawlessly, is what we call ‘a boutique approach’.

By not contemplating any form of pre-set plan, we sit down with each and every one of our clients to build a specific and omni channel communication strategy, which will answer to their specific goals, in order to better build their future. Together.

Our team is one of the best out there Our team is one of the best out there

We are not a big agency, but we count on a strong, young and united team, who incessantly keeps the pace of an ever-changing world.

Each one of us has their own area of expertise and different skills, but we are all experts in communication, who share a (pragmatic) open mindedness, and a true and deep commitment to a job that we love.

This is why you can rest assured that we will do everything possible to put your brand on the map and make it stand out.


We are enthusiastic, optimistic people who welcome every new day with fresh energy and eyes full of hope. We jump out of bed and do the best from our early hours to make this day another great one. This is our approach, and it goes beyond working hours. Probably because our heart beats for many things; art, music, cinema, technology, and not to forget, our work itself.


We love diversity between brands and the thought of helping them to achieve greatness. To us, it feels like a superpower. Jealous yet? We are very lucky, so we smile. We know that the best ideas come along with the fresh energy of an early morning. For us, creatives, the most productive time. The city still sleeps and that magic “on-top-of-the-world” feeling. The exciting atmosphere of beautiful things to come with that soft, brilliant, magical, anything is possible dawn sky looking over us. And the calmness, positive, bright, and vibrant. We thought it’d be nice tributing the agency to such magic. So, that’s why. Easy right?


this year we joined Shibumi, a unique group of agencies that specialize in different fields, in order to be more responsive within an increasingly competitive and challenging digital world. 

We strongly believe in this project, as we are sure to bring a solid contribution to it, and that the group will help us in becoming more solid in return, through new connections, new tools and new opportunities. 


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EARLY MORNING Srl soggetta a direzione e coordinamento da parte di Shibumi SpA
P.IVA 07250610966 | REA: MI-1947009 | Capitale sociale 10.000 euro i.v.
Sede Legale Via Privata Turro, 6 – 20127 Milano (MI)