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Maybe the famous Italian liqueur from Saronno hasn’t changed it’s original recipe since the 1500’s but their notorious cocktail, the amaretto sour, keeps up with the times. The bittersweet almond drink knows how to mix well with others, sponsoring well-heeled international events like fashion week, design week and engaging in high profile collaborations with major fashion houses like Moschino.

An iconic brand like Disaronno already has a loyal following so keep the tradition alive, we put together some - wait for it - legendary events. We are the voice of Disaronno on all social media channels and handle their advertising for both Social and Digital, worldwide. We developed and designed their website, and their blog, keeping a consistent voice and flavor, one we prefer with wedge of lime.  Is it happy hour yet?

Disaronno wears Versace 
When the world's favorite Italian liqueur brand partners up with the most iconic Italian fashion house, the world pays attention.  The DISARONNOwearsVERSACE Limited Edition Bottle, released just in time for the 2014 holiday gift season, brought the two famous Italian brands together for a one-of-a-kind redesign of the classic DISARONNO bottle.
To support this momentous collaboration, we developed a complete, multi-channel digital activation campaign that reached nearly 100 million people around the globe with a mix Digital PR, ADV, and Social Media activity.  Who knew fashion could taste this good?

Just two shakes and we’ll “sip” into something more comfortable…